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25 years of experience in quality dental care services.

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We at Dentalprof care deeply about our patients. We provide specialized quality treatments to help you have the smile of your dreams using the most advanced technologies in our field, all while keeping it at affordable prices.

Dental Travel Steps

How do we operate the dental tourism process?

1- Our dentists and respective departments will need certain examinations and documents before contacting you. You are therefore kindly asked to create a file with the following documents and examinations. (either panoramic x-ray of the teeth or photos of the teeth, plus if available not mandatory but helpful, radiological images of the jaws, the chin or other facial x-rays, a recent treatment plan offered by another dentist, 3D imaging or measurements of the oral cavity).

Once you have gathered all requested documents/examinations, you can move onto the next step.

2- You may now fill out our Contact Form. Follow the instructions provided. Make sure to submit all the requested documents/examination results mentioned above via this form.

Our team will contact you within 24 hours. In the following 2-3 days we will intermediate written communication between you and our doctors, and if necessary, we may arrange you a first consultation with our Istanbul clinic.

3- In the written communications and/or during your Istanbul clinic visit, our doctors will discuss your examinations and their diagnosis with you, providing you with all the necessary information regarding their suggested treatment plan. You will have the opportunity to ask our doctors any questions you have.
All you have to do after these communications is to decide whether you would like to start this treatment with Dentalprof / Ortodontist Dental Clinics in Istanbul. Take all the time you need, we know how important this decision is.

4- If you decide to start your treatment with Dentalprof, you will be asked to sign a Patient Agreement.
From this point onward, you will have a designated contact person who will facilitate all correspondence between you, our clinic, and our doctors.

5- Once the contact is established, we will stay in communication to make necessary arrangements for your travel itinerary.

6- Once you set the dates for the trip, our team will set the exact dates for your treatment.

1- We will welcome you by our Head of the International Patients Department. And we will present our Clinic to you and describe you the clinical processes.

2- You will meet with the responsible physician(s) and they will review your anamnesis form. Doctor(s) will explain in detail the treatment plan prepared for you.

3- We will be obtaining informed consent forms from you as they are required for initiation of treatment.

4- You will be asked to make the necessary payment for the treatment you have agreed with the doctors.

5- We will initiate and implement the treatment as per the schedule.

6- Upon completion of the treatment you will be discharged from the Clinic.

1- You will be given a wealth of Post-treatment information. It is of immense importance that you follow up the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in the post-treatment phase. Please note that recovery time and quality, and the durability of the materials depend upon your adherence to these guidelines.

2- You may be given a nutrition plan for your post-treatment phase. Please follow this plan to “your best ability”.

3- And we will be more than happy to hear from you after this. We may ask you to fill some questionnaires to track our performance, our give us testimonials so that more patients will benefit from the best treatments available for affordable prices.
You may also reach us any time if you have any questions or problems.

4- We may also schedule follow up/control appointments for certain types of treatments.


Dental Travel


How can we help you?


    25 years of experience in quality dental care services.

    Dental Tour

    Assisting with all travel arrangements including flights, hotels and travel insurance.

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    Transfers from/to the Airport

    We will refer you transfer arrangements at our pre-arranged reduced fares.

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    Planning Your Dental Journey

    All queries answered before the start of treatment.

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    Ask your dentists

    Meeting with dentists prior to the treatment

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    Our Clinic provides plenty of space for dental treatments and professional dental consultation. Dental treatments at Dentalprof are highly successful and patient-oriented thanks also to the Clinic’s integrated dental laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

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