Digital Dentistry

What is CAD / CAM?

CAD / CAM means computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing.

Thanks to this technology, the age of digital dentistry has begun. The software and materials are increasing day by day and increasing the variety of prostheses made.

Until recently, the measurements taken in the mouth with classical measurement techniques were digitized in the laboratory and design and production was carried out. Since the measurements taken with digital scanner systems that can now be used in mouth do not contain transfer errors, they allow more error-free and faster production.

With the development of new software and materials, it is possible to make more comfortable and more aesthetic teeth by decreasing the margin of error as the production time accelerates in digitally produced prostheses.

With the CAD / CAM system, the treatments can be completed quickly, without being divided into too many sessions, in a short time depending on the prosthesis feature, and even in a single day in many cases.

Instead of paste / paste-like substances that cause nausea reflex, the ability to measure teeth with intraoral scanning cameras provides a significant convenience for people who have difficulty in taking measurements due to gastric reflex.