Temporomandibular Joint Diseases



Jaw joint health is very important for our quality of life. The jaw joint must be healthy so that chewing, speaking, stretching and even breathing can function properly and comfortably.

In joint problems, spasm occurs in the muscles and as a result, especially the head, neck, back and waist muscles are affected. This causes an uncomfortable pain in these areas and can lead to posture disorder in the person.

The main factors that cause joint problems are:

– Impairments in tooth alignment and jaw closure

– Early tooth loss

– Trauma

– Excessive tooth grinding (Bruxism)

The main factor should be eliminated by correcting the closure defect, which is the main cause of joint problems. Closing disorder such as orthodontic treatments, completion of missing teeth, restorative and prosthetic methods can be removed. If there is no closure problem, good results can be obtained with low-dose laser therapy (LLLT) to treat muscle spasm.

Botox treatment can be used to return the muscles that are overpowered as a result of tightening to normal tightening power. By using jaw guiding night protective plates, joint strength can be regulated and the force applied to the teeth can be controlled.