Our Quality Management System

What Exactly Do Quality Certificates Mean and What Difference Do They Make in Treatment Processes

Patient satisfaction is the most important goal in clinical activities. The management of the health institution is as important as the competencies of the treatment team and the technology used to achieve this goal. The continuity of service quality and efficiency can only be achieved by good management of the entire organization. Therefore, accurately measured patient satisfaction is crucial in determining the success of a clinic. Naturally, high satisfaction rates will be less meaningful for a newly established clinic that has not yet served many patients.

Dentalprof is a clinic that has proven itself in this field by providing 95% and more patient satisfaction in the services it has provided to more than 23 thousand patients in Ataşehir, one of the favourite settlements of Istanbul, for 25 years.

Health services is an area that needs to be particularly meticulous in promotions. Subjective comments that are open to interpretation should always be approached with caution. There are many good dentists in the world. Names such as “best” are expressions that cannot be determined. To talk about the high quality of dental services you will receive, in the clinic must have; not only one, but also a team of competent dentists in different specialties, efficient use of high technology and external audits.


  • Provides service with competent dentists in all treatment areas,
  • Uses the latest products of digital dental technology,
  • Has ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate for 14 years without interruption,
  • Has TEMOS “Excellence in Dental Tourism” and “Quality in Dental Care” certificates.
  • Has dental laboratory which has ISO 13485 Quality Certificate.

3rd party audits set rules and practice guidelines to keep an organization’s business processes and support processes under control and ensure its continuous improvement. With annual audits, they check how much these rules are implemented. Audits are specific to the organization and are determined by the auditor company according to the organization’s structure, size, and scope of service. It is of great importance that the Quality Organization selected for the 3rd party inspection is an internationally recognized, globally accepted and respected system. Dentalprof has been receiving ISO 9001 certificate for 14 years from German Tüv-Süd, one of the most respected Quality Accreditation Agencies in the world. We work with the German TEMOS Accreditation agency for quality certification in dental services. TEMOS differs from other reputable accreditation systems in that it uses a standard for Dental Accreditation and expands this standard with the aspect of health tourism. Our clinics have TEMOS “Excellence in Dental Tourism” and “Quality in Dental Care” certificates. Our laboratory has ISO 13485 Medical Laboratory Quality Management System Certificate.

3rd party audits consider the organization holistically. Service processes are examined with risk management and process management approaches. Service quality measurements, quality targets and continuous improvement mechanisms are audited. They necessitate the continuous development of all personnel, especially the personnel providing health services. They question the adequacy of all the infrastructure and technical equipment necessary for the health service to meet the needs of the patients. In the TEMOS 2022 audit, our clinic has been audited over 268 different standard items and has been successfully documented. We achieved an important success by exiting our 2022 ISO 9001:2015 audit with “0” non-conformity.

Accreditation Certificates are an important element of trust and a common language between service providers and service recipients. In a health institution with a Quality Certificate;

  • Quality-oriented work is carried out,
  • All aspects of service quality are examined,
  • Patient Satisfaction is prioritized and provided,
  • Efforts are made to work with competent human resources, strong infrastructure, and efficient processes,
  • Quality assurance is provided.

More than 23 thousand patients we have served to date, introduce us to their relatives and express their satisfaction, and the Dentalprof family continues to expand day by day. So how can we explain ourselves to you from far away? At this very point, we would like to start by bringing to your attention the certificates we have as proof of our quality work that we have been continuing for years.

When the ISO 9001 system is applied effectively, it is possible to perform a very strict treatment quality measurement. For this reason, working with the German Tüv-Süd Agency makes us stronger every year. TEMOS Accreditation, on the other hand, is much stricter and more detailed in order to meet our quality targets, as it is all about dental services and the delivery of these services to you. When our patients sit in the unit, they do not know what preparations have been made so far. But the accreditation body checks every single process that you have not seen, step by step, and does not give approval without making sure that it works completely and correctly all the time, not just once. Therefore, we can say that the accreditation body audits us on your behalf.

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