Oral Diseases and Treatments


Herpes on the lips and face can cause restriction in social life and discomfort in terms of aesthetics. In our daily life, many of us are often suffering from herpes.

Once the Herpes Simplex Type-1 virus enters the body, it gets active whenever our immune system is weakened. Herpes affects primarily the lip or face area. In some people, it decreases the quality of life by coming out periodically. In later stages, it may concentrate on nerve endings in different parts of the body, causing a painful disease called “Shingles”. Even in cases where acyclovir pomades are used, it should be noted that after a certain period of time the body develops immunity to the treatment.

For many years Nd: YAG and Diode lasers have been used successfully in our clinic and laser treatment centers in the treatment of herpes. If detected at an early stage, herpes does not show up at all, if detected at the fluid collection stage, the pain is relieved and the treatment ends with a rapid recovery compared to the cases where laser is not used.

Herpes does not manifest in the same area again. Besides, after each application the frequency of herpes in other regions decreases.


Aphthous lesions, popularly known as mouth sores, are actually mouth ulcers characterized by painful itching and burning sensation. The most common forms are minor aphthae smaller than 1 cm, characterized by an inner white part.


It spontaneously disappears within 2 weeks. Biopsy is beneficial for lesions that last longer than 4-6 weeks. In painful processes, laser therapy provides significantly more effective results than drug therapy. While painkillers and corticosteroid pomades are used in traditional treatments, nowadays, faster and more effective results are obtained with Nd:YAG laser and Er:YAG laser treatments.