We are particularly proud of the high quality of our dental work carried out by our inhouse dental laboratory Orto-Tek – founded in 2005. The immediate proximity and cooperation of our doctors with the highly qualified dental technicians of our high-tech dental laboratory, enables individual restorations tailored to each and with each individual patient. 

In 2018, our dental laboratory was accredited with the ISO 13485 quality certificate and since then Orto-Tek Dental Lab has met the required system requirements at all stages of production and business processes. Every year, both production and management processes, such as the lab management, the guarantee and development of quality components, customer satisfaction and product quality are audited.  

With the development of new software and materials, it is possible to produce more comfortable and aesthetic teeth and orthodontal apparatus. While the production time for digitally manufactured products accelerates, the failure rate is significantly reduced. 

Thanks to the high-tech equipment of Orto-Tek Dental Lab, we can digitally measure tooth shape, color and size, enamel transparency and other individual characteristics inhouse, design your smile digitally and prepare mockups according to your individual wishes – if necessary – also after completion, so that you feel comfortable.  

Our dental lab Orto-Tek uses only CE certified materials and equipment from world-renowned and recognized suppliers and manufacturers. Digital technologies, such as Design by Sirona Inlab20, SIRONA mcxl (4 axis) Cad/Cam, Envisiontec D4k 3-D Printer, SIRONA MC X5 (5 axis), high quality materials such as Ivoclar IPS Press Ceramic and Ivoclar IPS Emax Feldspatik Ceram and a highly qualified team of dental technicians inhouse, enable us optimally completed treatments in a short time and in many cases even in a single day.

For the high quality of our products and treatments, we always keep our Orto-Tek Dental Laboratory and our dental technicians state-of-the-art.