What Procedures Can Be Performed in Same Day Dentistry

If a decade ago, someone had told you that you could get a brand-new smile in just one day, you’d have run for the hills. A promise like that made us all leery of the procedures and the possible shortcuts involved in the past. However, that is no longer the case. With technology advancing in every facet of life, dentistry, too, has kept up. Since no one has the time to wait 6 months for their roots to heal or to visit their dentist every week, dental technology has found a modern solution to this problem. The evolution in dental care has now allowed dentists to provide quick and same-day restoration with advanced in-office technology at their disposal. If the idea of getting your dream smile or getting rid of the years-old tooth pain sounds appealing to you, keep reading to learn of all the safe and proven, same-day dental procedures technology has brought to you:

●       Dental Crowns

In the past, dentists would take impressions and send the crown to be made in the lab, leading to a wait of up to a week. That is no longer the case. Given how common and popular dental crowns are, it makes perfect sense for technology to make it the same-day procedure with in-office facilities. Now you can visit your dentist's office any time of the day and walk out with a perfectly fitted crown on your tooth. This is not only convenient but also encourages more people to take a step towards restoring and protecting their damaged teeth.

●       Clear Aligners

Aligners are very specific to each patient and require a customized product for every person. Previously, dentists relied on labs to send them aligners after weeks of waiting, and if there were a discrepancy, they’d have to wait some more. With the advanced CAD/CAM technology, your dentist will take your teeth’ impression, and using a 3D printer, produce a clear aligner for you on the spot.

●       Dental Fillings

A dental filling helps restore a damaged tooth by reshaping its structure using a filling of metal, alloy, plastic, or porcelain. Dated technology involves the dentist first removing the decayed parts of the teeth and giving the patient an appointment for another week for the filling. A same-day dentistry office would conduct both procedures the same day, allowing the patient to walk out with healthy and restored teeth.

●       Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most important dental procedures and involve multiple steps and a period of half a year to finally complete. Same-day dentistry offers an option of immediate implants, allowing you to cut down on all that waiting time.

●       CEREC Prime Scans

CEREC Prime Scans are clear, detailed, and accurate 3D images of your teeth taken with the help of the latest CEREC technology. These scans allow dentists to perform dental restorations with more efficiency and accuracy. Are you interested to learn more about it? Check out my blog post, What is CEREC Dental Technology, for more details about this cutting-edge dental technology.      

Restore Your Teeth in One Day with Same Day Dentistry

Time is not something everyone can afford, and hence, many people devoid themselves of healthy teeth altogether. With same-day dentistry, you now have an option and convenience to get the smile of your dreams in just one day. You can get those pearly whites today by making an appointment with the top and most experienced same-day dentists in Turkey. [gallery columns="4" ids="7542,7541,7540,7539,7518,7517,7537,7538,7533,7532"]